Coast to Coast: Since 1983, people have tested themselves against the elements, against each other and against themselves.

I'm training for the Kathmandu Coast to Coast, a race from the west coast → east coast of New Zealand.
The race invloves running, cycling and kayaking.
This is my first race of this caliber, follow my journey from novice to athlete (hopefully) below.

Week Fifty Eight

November 07November 13

Week Fifty Seven

October 31November 06

Week Fifty Six

October 24October 30

Week Fifty Five

October 17October 23

Week Fifty Four

October 10October 16

Week Fifty Three

October 03October 09

Week Fifty Two

September 19September 25

Week Fifty One

September 05September 11

Week Fifty

August 29September 04

Week Forty Nine

August 22August 28

Week Forty Eight

August 15August 21

Week Forty Seven

August 01August 07

Week Forty Six

July 25July 31

Week Forty Five

July 18July 24

Week Forty Four

July 04July 10

Week Forty Three

June 20June 26

Week Forty Two

June 13June 19

Week Forty One

June 06June 12

Week Forty

May 30June 05

Week Thirty Nine

May 23May 29

Week Thirty Eight

May 16May 22

Week Thirty Seven

May 09May 15

Week Thirty Six

May 02May 08

Week Thirty Five

April 25May 01

Week Thirty Four

April 11April 17

Week Thirty Three

April 04April 10

Week Thirty Two

March 21March 27

Week Thirty One

February 14February 20

Week Thirty

February 07February 13

Week Twenty Nine

January 31February 06

Week Twenty Eight

January 17January 23

Week Twenty Seven

January 10January 16

Week Twenty Six

December 27January 02

Week Twenty Five

December 20December 26

Week Twenty Four

December 13December 19

Week Twenty Three

December 06December 12

Week Twenty Two

November 29December 05

Week Twenty One

November 22November 28

Week Twenty

November 15November 21

Week Nineteen

November 08November 14

Week Eighteen

November 01November 07

Week Seventeen

October 25October 31

Week Sixteen

October 18October 24

Week Fifteen

October 11October 17

Week Fourteen

September 20September 26

Week Thirteen

August 30September 05

Week Twelve

August 23August 29

Week Eleven

August 16August 22

Week Ten

June 28July 04

Week Nine

June 21June 27

Week Eight

June 14June 20

Week Seven

May 31June 06

Week Six

May 24May 30

Week Five

May 17May 23

Week Four

May 10May 16

Week Three

April 26May 02

Week Two

March 28April 04

Week One

March 22March 28

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Fergus Farrell | 2022