Get Shit Done with Notion

July 06, 2021 • 5 minute read

Notion is Productivity Workspace tool I've been using recently. So far I've thoroughly enjoyed using the tool.

I built a straight forward prioritized task list and I've been using it for a little over a week now. Here's how.


➕ Create a new Page

Let's start off with a brand new page to our task list.


I named the new page Tasks


🔨 Create a Table

Now add a block by selecting the "+" icon in the page. Select the Table - Inline block.


Set the table up so that there is a tasks, due date and done column of types text, date and checkbox respectively.



🔗 Setup a Linked Table

Here's where the magic starts. Add a new block by selecting "+" icon in the page. Select Create linked database:



Then select the Tasks table we created above:



Now we can add a filter to the linked table. I want this particular linked table to be tasks I need to do today:





This is great because now I can view all my tasks that are due today! I have also set up linked tables for tasks due this week and tasks that are not due until later.


🥂 Finalized Task List

My final product looks like this:



Happy Coding 🎉

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